We hope you're having an amazing week. We are doing a small case study in regards to accountability . We wanted to conduct it internally. Your answers are confidential. If nobody else has said it this week, we want to say "I am proud of you!"

Please fill out the survey below. 

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I have attended more than 1 Think Tank since joining BANC 7.
The Think Tank's inspire me with ideas to move forward with my business/life.
I feel accountable to take action towards the ideas discussed in my Think Tank's.
Having the "Accountability" encourages me to push ideas I may typically let sit.
I have attended more than 1 Monday Morning Motivation Call.
Hearing everyone's goals for the week, and discussing my goals motivate me to have a great week.
Expressing my goals for the week to the group holds me accountable.
Having accountability encourages me to push forward with my goals and ideas.
I feel my week goes much better when I do Monday's calls.
I feel having accountability partners encourages me.
I am more productive .
Any Feedback feel free to let us know.