We are excited you’re taking control of you week.

You’re invited! We host an accountability / motivational call 6 am on Monday. We believe in speaking our goals into existence. What you can expect on this call, is a challenging question or task to focus on for the week while tackling your goals. It is a group call so you’ll be able to cheer others on and give any insight. You will also get some time to discuss what it is you need to accomplish for the week.

By declaring these goals in front of the group you now have a level of accountability that pushes you to exceed them. We have seen a 85% efficiency from our members through the week from before joining the calls to after joining the calls.

Mid week our Accountability Leader will reach out to you via text or phone call to make sure you’re fulfilling everything you declared on Monday.

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We ask you the date because it causes you to look in your calendar and schedule the call. Make sure you schedule in your calendar.