A Challenge for Business Owners - Difficult Conversations

Do you have employees, partners or colleagues who aren’t on the same page with you? 

Do these relationships drain your business ? Do they drain you as a person? I completely understand how you feel.

Here are some easy actionable tips you can use. 

Tip # 1
Set the Stage - position the fact you have some topics you need to discuss. Schedule a meeting for you to discuss the topics. By doing so, they have time to think about everything that you’re going to discuss. They know what they’re doing wrong , they just don’t fix it because you don’t address it. 

Tip #2 
Approach with Love- an easy way to nip it in the butt immediately is by approaching with love. Begin with expressing how great you feel about them. Transition with the fact you’re best interest has to be for the business . You can not argue against the best interest of the business.

Yes these are easier said than done. However the more you do it , the better you’ll get . Feel free to create a script and practice it . Actually I recommend you create a script and practice.

Joseph Berrios