Gift Box Idea - Easy way for your business to survive the holidays.

This time of year can be difficult for you as a business owner. We become slow or stuck because everyone is using their money on Christmas Gifts. They push off your service until the spring when it's important again.

How do you survive ?

The answer is simple . 

Through the year you take detailed notes about your clients. Remember simple things such as their spouse, kids, hobbies.

Through the year as your service their accounts factor in a little extra money. 

This money is then utilized to send them a nice gift card and a hand written letter. Thanking them for being an awesome client (using the notes you've taken) and wishing them a great holiday.

Now as they visit friends and family during the holidays, they'll remember to refer your service to everyone that is in need.

Not only does this help you survive the winter but it helps increase your client base in the new year.

Joseph Berrios