Don't Allow What You Can't Do Interfere With What You Can Do

Why do we do this as business owners ? An even better question why do we do this as people? 

We aren’t good at pressing the buttons so we don’t create the vision. 

We can not fix the whole house so we don’t do the carpentry. 
We can not shoot the ball so we don’t try and go for the lay up. 
We can’t bake so we don’t focus on the other courses. 

If you’re a successful business owner you should focus on what you can do . Do it . 

Do that so well that it makes you enough money , to hire someone to do what you can’t. 

Many CEO’s can’t do the social media marketing , but they can direct a company that hires the proper staff. And so on..... 

Focus on the gifts you were blessed with and team up with others to elevate your company. 
Don’t allow the things you can’t do disrupt what you can do.

Joseph Berrios