2 Weeks into February - How not to be one of 36% who already dropped their goals.

We are 2 weeks into February . Studies show that 36% of people drop their 2019 goals whether its business or personal. 

It also shows that another 6-8% will drop their goals this month. The first question we ask is why? 

Were they not attainable to begin with? Did they not have an action plan ? Or ... did they never even start.

It’s easier said than done to sustain the aches and pains of achieving your goals . However the 3 steps are straight forward . 

1.) Commit
2.) Consistency
3.) Starve your DISTRACTIONS 

Create a nexus and learn the theory of triangulation . 

My team is blessed to deal with business owners and entrepreneurs daily. The ones who actually follow the plan are the ones who crush it.

Are you someone who is going to give up, or GET UP?!!

Joseph Berrios