Keep Applying the Heat - Stay Consistent (Business During Slow Season Advice)

Does business feel slow this time of year? You’re not the only one. 

Cash flow is one of the biggest concerns for traditional model businesses . (Not network marketing is what I mean) . . It’s extremely difficult to stay ahead of the trend and the weather is something you can not predict. I say this to assure you the pain you feel is normal. The panic you feel is normal. 

As crazy as it sounds... right now is where you need to apply 120% and be consistent. 

Your business is similar to a pot of water coming to a boil. If at any moment during this slow cold season you are not consistent, that is exactly the same as turning off the heat . 

We all know boiling water can seem tedious and unbearable , however when the water does come to a boil what happens?

It starts to overflow and is ready to go.

Right now you need to continue applying heat. Work on your CRM, work on your funnels and generate leads, create sales, train up your staff, create your marketing assets. Don’t allow the lack of business at the moment to be a moment of reckless decisions and panic. 

Just keep running at your pace and in a month or so be ready to explode/boil over/run faster.

Joseph Berrios