BANC 7 Membership

+ 12 Month Membership.

We believe that results follow commitment. Your membership is good for 12 consecutive months.

+ 2 Think Tanks a month.

2 x a month members join a round table discussion focused on sharing and generating ideas. Each member shares their current pursuits, challenges and goals and gets valuable input and perspectives from the group. Some of the BEST results come from these conversations and members find opportunities to support one another and reach goals faster.

+ 1 Workshop a month.

Workshops are live webinars available only to members. Members have selected areas such as Facebook Marketing, Lead Generation, Time Management, Life coaching and more. We find experts in those areas and once a month we have a live Workshop on the specific topic. The workshop is followed with a 20 minute Q&A.

+ 6 Keynotes a year.

6x a year we have special catered events hosted at a member's business. They are the perfect opportunity to celebrate our collective success, highlight individuals hitting major goals and invite guests that would make great members. Motivational speakers and testimonials are always a highlight of the evening.

+ Weekly group motivational calls.

Ever week our Accountability Coach hosts a motivational call. On the call we discuss our goals for the week and encourage each other to grow and push each other to new heights. It is a great way to keep your business moving and strengthen your integrity each week.

+ Weekly Accountability check in.

Our Accountability Coaches will check in with you individually every week to make sure you're reaching your goals, working on your business modules and checking in to make sure you're not overwhelmed with barriers.

+ Access to all webinars and workshops.

We have an archive of Workshops and Business Modules curated to help your business grow.

+ Access to our Directory.

Our business directory is based in your area and is filled with Small Business Owners in all industries.

+ Access to our Private FB group.

Our private group is essential to your motivation. Here you're able to chat with members about ideas, education and investment opportunities. We have had members develop businesses together, help boost each other's post, and help the growth of members' businesses.

+ 2 Family Events a year.

We feel it is necessary to surround yourself with positive people . It is also necessary to create an atmosphere that you can grow your family as well. Twice a year we host Family get togethers such as group travels, picnics, outings and more . We encourage you to bring your significant other and kids as we relax and own the moment.

+ Discounts at local participating businesses.

Several times through the year local businesses offer discounts specifically to BANC 7 members.

Option 1: Pay in Full

Receive 3 Months Free

$3,119.97 = 25% Savings

Option 2: Pay Monthly


=$4164.88 Annually

Each membership is an annual commitment. We guarantee you will recognize a difference in your business as long as you apply yourself . We have coached over 25 different businesses in 2018. Each business has become more profitable, organized, structured and prepared to scale. We have partnered with experts in marketing, branding, lead generation, life coaching, accountability, time management and more. Feel free to click our testimonials to see our feedback.