BANC 7 x IMEC Thanksgiving Turkey Drive.jpg

BANC 7 has collaborated with IMEC to give back to our community. As you know Thanksgiving is an important holiday to demonstrate our gratitude. We want to give you the opportunity to provide a family (or 2 or 10) in need of a Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner. The cost of a Thanksgiving Dinner is $51.40. The dinner will include 1 turkey, 2 boxes of stuffing, 1 big box of mash potatoes, 2 cans of corns, 2 cans of carrots, 2 cans of green beans, 2 - 12 pack of rolls, 2 cans of gravy and a frozen Pumpkin Pie.

100% of your donation goes to the purchase of Thanksgiving Dinners for families in need in the Lehigh Valley. We will provide to families that request the need and we will provide the remaining to the Ebenezer Food Pantry that services all of the Lehigh Valley.

The donations are available from 10/25 - 11/16 to give enough time to purchase the food and provide the meals. We want to say we are extremely grateful for your donation and pat yourself on the back for being AMAZING!